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WebMissions is a ministry staffed by Christian volunteers devoted to serving Evangelical Christian Missionaries.  WebMissions will gladly host your current site or feel free to use our do it yourself sites using a great site building tool called ServantSite.  This tool was created by Shawn Parrish a missionary devoted to serving fellow missionaries in the field.

WebMissions is approaching its fifth year of service. We are pleased to use the latest technology to support Christian missionaries in the field; helping them to share their needs, prayer concerns, and efforts with their friends, families, and supporters through effective use of the Internet.

If you are a Christian Missionary, and you are interested in having a website for your ministry, we invite you to request a site today.


The Medical Centers of West Africa, Inc. Binomo invest trade (MCWA), headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was founded in 1989 by a group of men and women who wanted to bring physical as well as spiritual healing to sub-Saharan Africa.

Today, the non-profit Christian organization runs a thriving 80-bed hospital in the Far North Province of Cameroon, West Africa.

The tiny village of Meskine is the home of MCWA’s hospital. Hospital de Meskine serves the village’s 10,000 residents as well as patients who come from as far away as the neighboring countries of Chad and Nigeria.  Its volunteer board of directors is headquartered in Baton Rouge Libertex vs IQ, Louisiana. See their site
WebMissions staff is always seeking ways to help missionaries in the field.  We know that missionaries are some of the busiest people around.  That's why we built Computer Help to let missionaries have quick links to information that will help them with their computer and technology needs. To learn more click here
WebMissions would like to offer links that we believe will be a blessing to missionaries and their families. However, we do not want to appear to endorse one doctrine or denomination over another one. If you know of a site with content that you believe other missionaries would enjoy, please let us know and we will request permission to link to those sites as well.

To start this off, we have a link to Kenneth Copeland Ministries where they have streaming video and FREE audio and video pod casts of their recent West Coast Believers' Convention. Click on the Media button to get to the pod cast area.

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